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Are you someone who knows what they want and will not compromise on it?

Your heart is set on a special place with a genius loci where you can bring your vision to life?

Your plans are big and need equally big space to realise them?

Can you appreciate the beauty of rural environment and being close to nature?

If you answered yet to most of these questions, we've got you.

A country homestead in Nové Mitrovice near Plzeň, 100 km from Prague, has always been the largest homestead in the area. Its unique settings and generous size make it the perfect place for multitude of uses. It offers ample space for private housing, various business utilisations, small animal farming and / or cultivation. The homestead includes two family houses, the first of which has a built-up area of 236 sqm (4 bedrooms) and the second 99 sqm (2 bedrooms). A big bonus is the generous attic space, convertible into additional living space, office or a relaxation area. Additionally, the larger house has a basement. The property is connected to the public water supply and electricity, wastewater is drained into a sump and gas supply is connected to the base of the property.

In addition to the family houses, the complex includes gardens with fruit trees and shrubs. One of the gardens spans impressive 1097 sqm and can be used as a building plot. Further, the complex includes an agriculture building intended for demolition. The created plot and recycled building materials can be used for new construction. 

The total country homestead area measures 5900 sqm.

To illustrate the untapped potential of this property, we selected one of its possible uses and portrayed it using visualisation.

Possible country homestead uses

- Residential housing, own living, small animal breeding, gardening and land cultivation

- Yoga centrum with accommodation option

- Leisure and wellness centre with accommodation option - wellness, seminars, courses, therapies

- Recreational use and events with accommodation - eco tourism, sports, company stays, weddings, parties

- Manufacturing, business, warehousing, fulfilment

- Agriculture - small farm animal / game breeding

- Community centre

Consider these and other potential uses and feel free to suggest alternative ideas of what you would like to use the property for. We are happy to assist with validation of intent, change of functional use and even potential modification of the zoning plan.

What is special about Nové Mitrovice?

It's unequivocally its strategic location and breath-taking nature near and far. Nové Mitrovice is part of the southern protected landscape area Brdy. It belongs to the district of Plzeň - South, and currently has 345 inhabitants. It is 30 km from Plzeň and 100 km from Prague, which makes it not only strategically placed within the Czech Republic, but also in relation to Germany. As for civic amenities, some are directly in Mitrovice and others are in the nearby Spálené Poříčí and Blovice. Nové Mitrovice have several ponds and ample greenery directly in the village. In the immediate vicinity are meadows, fields and plenitude of forests

A little trip down the memory lane.

The first mention of Nové Mitrovice dates back to 1626. Back then it was a settlement called Huťe and consisted of 8 huts. The settlement then belonged to Železný Újezd and as the name suggests, it was famous for iron ore mining. At one point in time, silver was also mined here. Unsurprisingly, this mining area was popular with miners, metallurgists and other manual workers. Agriculture arrived on the scene after the mining and metallurgy boom, and in the 18th century, crafts and trades such as milling, wheelwrighting, innkeeping and blacksmithing began to appear. In 1722, the foundation stone of the octagonal chapel of St. John of Nepomuk was laid. The chapel was consecrated in 1726, honouring the local miners. 1836 saw new crafts added to the mix in Mitrovice - a baker, carpenter, cooper, potter, tailor, seamstress and a merchant found their home here. Metallurgy kept going strong for more than two centuries, and the oldest furnace was in operation until 1838. The village also housed glassworks, which was operated until 1931. We have no doubt the future of Nové Mitrovice will be as prosperous and interesting as its past and you have an opportunity to be part of it.

More information available during viewing. This place is best appreciated when experienced in person.

Price: 399.900,-  (9.990.000,- Kč)

Date of listing: 4/22